Bs'n with Skootr and McB

Posted by Bronco Select on May 19 2019 at 01:00PM PDT in 2019 Bronco Select

Brian McBryde and Scott Katterhagen kicked off their first episode of their podcast. They are excited to share this special Bronco Select project.

What’s in store? They are ready to inform the community and baseball and softball enthusiasts what the organization is all about but give depth interviews of coaches, kids and baseball and softball related professionals regarding their teams but also kids health and of course some fun stories mixed in.

Some topics could include:
• Education on what parents, coaches and kids can do to continue to improve.
• Opening up channels of communication not just within the organization but within the community as well.
• In depth interviews giving the coaches and players a voice to express the game they love.
• Baseball and softball professionals regarding health, play and sportsmanship.

You can find Bs’n with Skootr and McB on and wherever you download your favorite podcasts.