16U Black Fastpitch 2021 March Madness Fundraiser

Posted by Bronco Select on Mar 04 2021 at 07:29PM PST in 2020 Bronco Select

March Madness Pool
The U16 Black is doing a March Madness Fundraiser Pool again this year. Our pool is $20.00 per person. There are 64 spots available. The pay out will be $780 total.

1. 64 spots available (each entrant will get a randomly drawn team) Must have pool filled by 3/17/21.
2. $20 entry fee
3. Point spreads determine the winner (if the team you have wins and covers the spread, you move on. If the team you have loses the game, but covers the point spread, you take the team that won the game, and have that team going forward)
4. Point spreads are determined by “theScore: Sports News & Scores” mobile app.
5. If a game ends in a tie (according to the spread), whoever had the winning team, keeps it.
6. Payouts are as follows-
2nd place-$220,
3rd and 4th place-$120 each.

If you are interested please let Brian Van Swol or Gary Nelson know. (Gary and Brian will be running the pool and collecting the money)


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